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Mason Pipe Flexible Connectors

Superflex and Safeflex are designed to suit your requirement for vibration and noise attenuation, flexibility and ease installation.

The traditional economic Superflex expansion joints are available in single and twin sphere models.  All competitive units are limited to three-ply construction.  Nylon tire cord reinforcement and DuPont Nordel (EPDM) cover and liner are used.  Different types of fittings are available for your choice.  The pipe diameter is from ¾” to 24” (20 to 600 mm).

The ideal full proof Safeflex expansion joints are molded and vulcanized (or per-oxide cured) in hydraulic presses.  The high pressure process produces a smooth finished product with outstanding adhesion between the cover, reinforcement and tube.  The multi-layer Kevlar® tire cord fabric reinforcement offers higher modulus that minimizes swell and elongation, and outstanding temperature tolerance up to 121˚C. The peroxide cured EPDM covers, reinforcement rubber and tubes are superior in quality.  The Kevlar® reinforcement wrapped around solid steel rings cannot pull through the flanges.  We offer double sphere models and single sphere model with flange.  Single sphere with threaded end is also available.  The pipe diameter is from 1½” to 24” (40 to 600 mm).
* Type CR and ACC control rods and cables are available for maximum loading limitation.


Mercer Stainless Steel Hose

Stainless steel flexible hose reduces pipe wall propagated vibration and noise transmission, prevents pipe fatigue, simplifies alignment problems and reduces equipment flange stress.  All hoses are close pitch helical or annular design for maximum flexibility.  The unique design of face steel plate flange on one end and a floating flange on the other ensures twisting full strength pipe to line up bolt holes to prevent system failure.  PC, GU and EM models with different pipe size are available for pump connection, general usage and extreme motion respectively.  Different fitting options are available including grooved nipples, raised face flanges, threaded nipples, floating flanges and female copper sweat to suit various applications.

The Seismic “V” Assemblies is a unique product that caters for seismic motion.  No thrust has to be considered with “V” assemblies.  It allows 4” movement in all directions.  The special “V” construction is based on two isosceles 30, 60, 90 triangles complimenting one another to form a 60 degree “V” at the bottom.  The floating flange on both ends offer flexibility if necessary together with other fitting options for your choice.

The Expansion Compensating Connectors are a bellows that protected by and guided within a pipe housing.  They are furnished with a fixed flange on the one end and a floating flange on the other.  The alternates are threaded nipples, weld or grooved ends or copper female sweat ends as needed.  There are three movement choices available including 2” compression and ½” extension, 4” compression and ¾” extension and 8” compression and 1-½” extension.



* A complete line of spider guides and anchors are available for your choice.


Mercer Expansion Joints

Mercer offers a series of non-standard, custom made hand-built expansion joints to cater for your special needs encompassing 450, 500 & 600, 700 and 800 series.  They are hand-built joints to size up to 152 inches (3.8 m) diameter and 12 arches to meet almost all off-set requirements.



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