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Contributing the Beauty of Silence

About twenty years ago, when I just started this company, I met a person who is the Director of Operation for a film museum. He taught me how importance was the environmental noise level in a cinema towards the consummate playing of a movie. In particular to movies directed by famous Second Wave filmmaker. When a dead silence in the transition between clips, even a little hissy noise from air conditioning system or barely noticeable rumbling of floor due to operation of any mechanical equipment, like chiller compressors or water pumps, will blemish audience’s enjoyment to the movie.

Hong Kong is a typical modern city, a highly populated area that shrinks the distance between buildings and people to shortest limit. Tight spacing makes noise control becoming an engineering challenge to every acoustic specialist working here.

Some people refer us as the noise and vibration killer. To be precise, we are a group of people having knowledge in the control of noise and vibration, dedicated to demanding most suitable and market available quality materials or products to reduce unwanted noise and/or vibration nuisance to a tolerable level for various beneficial uses. That is how we gain our commendations.


For the past twenty years, we have been actively playing our role in the building industry by contributing our professionalism to fulfill customer’s challenging noise and vibration requirements. We are now generally been recognized as one of the leading professional vibration & noise control products suppliers in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. At the support by hundreds of overseas professional engineers working for manufacturers we represented, we are capable to provide solutions, materials, and products to cater probably all kinds of difficult problems you have at noise & vibration control.


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