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       With global economic development, our quality of life has improved a lot. However, we are paying a very high cost as tradeoff for this. This is especially true when we take a look on the pollution that we have to confront today including noise, air, water and solid waste pollution. If we do not handle it properly, our well-being will be threatened which propagates to the next generation.

       Among all, the impacts of noise have always been overlooked. Actually, the effect of noise can be many as hearing loss, insomnia, mental stress and neurasthenia. This in turn, affects our emotion and productivity. In the long run, this will pose some negative effects on the economy as a whole. Undeniably, we could not escape from noise in city life. However, we can take some measures to keep it under controlled. Continuous vibration not only makes us feel uncomfortable but also disturbs the normal operation and accuracy of machines and electronic devices. Most importantly, vibration could badly affect the structural safety of buildings. Vibration control is therefore of utmost importance.

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