GETZNER SYLOMER Special Polymer Pads


Getzner Building Vibration Isolation Mats

Getzner Sylomer® Building Vibration Isolation Mat is a micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer with excellent mechanical performance and durability.  The material does not lose its elasticity even when it is completely encased.  Depending on the type and thickness of Sylomer®, natural frequency of pad is between 7 to 11 Hz.  Sylomer® is hydrolysis stable and resistant to diluted alkaline, acids, oils and grease that are commonly used during construction.  Besides, it also possesses excellent resistant against Ozone and is itself biological resistance.  The elasticity can be remained even at low temperature.  It is because of the micro-cellular surface, particles of dirt and water damage is impossible.

The structural noise and vibrations from railways in the vicinity of the building, industrial processes or equipment can be reduced by the application of Sylomer®.  The bedding can be installed over the full surface, in strips or at individual bearing points which depends on the specific natural frequency and construction features.  The reinforcement can be fitted directly on the mats.  Concrete can be poured directly onto the mat in most of the cases without using any polythene membrane if close cell type Sylomer® is used.

The standard thickness of Sylomer® is 12 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm, and could be varies as according to customer requirement.

Getzner Sylodamp
® High Damping Pads

Getzner Sylodamp® Pads is micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer created by a foaming process that can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications, provides exceptionally good insulation properties and withstand extreme conditions in many situations.  It is also ideally suited for protecting equipment against wear, for sealing and for friction linings, or as elastic elements in general.  The key advantage of Sylodamp® is its high energy-absorbing and damping properties.  The standard types is available in 1500 x 1500 mm while the thickness in 12, 25 and 50 mm.  It can also be produced to meet customer’s specific needs.

Getzner Sylodamp® Sleeper Base/ Ballast Mat Isolation Pads

Getzner Sylomer® is micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer that can be used for sleeper base/ ballast mat isolation pads.  It is created by a foaming process, which is conducted without environmentally harmful foaming agents and free of any softening agents.  It combines spring and shock absorber to provide exceptionally good insulation properties and withstands extreme conditions in many situations.  It is perfect for reducing loads on the ballast and wheel-track interaction.  Getzner Sylomer® sleeper pads effectively isolate vibration, protect ballast and increase track stability as a whole.  It also helps for the adjustment of track stiffness and reduction of rail corrugation.  The Sylomer® ballast mats significantly reduce static and dynamic forces caused by rail traffic and transfer these forces evenly to the substructure.  It helps to reduce secondary airborne noise, vibrations and wear on the ballast. 

The long lifespan and special features of Sylomer® make it a cost effectively solution to your railway system.


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