MASON Mechanical Vibration Isolators / Hangers / Isolation Pads

Mason Vibration Isolation Spring Mounts
The series of vibration isolation spring mounts features a helical spring and come with or without guided housing.  A neoprene friction pad is added on the bottom of the spring or housing to help prevent the passage of noise.  Each spring is equipped with a loading and adjustment bolt at the top with a locking cap screw.  All models are designed so that the elastic limit is not exceeded when the coils are closed up and the springs are compressed solid.  This prevents damage when the springs are overloaded and assures a return to the spring’s free height.

The configuration is used without housings for maximum vibration attenuation.  Besides, the design helps to prevent the transmission of vibration.  Single to multiple spring mount configurations are available for different applications.

Rated Capacity: 10 to 18144 kg
Rated Deflection: 25 to 137 mm

Type C/ CI:

The mountings are specifically designed for noise and vibration free application on light concrete or wooden floors.  The housing allows spring to function properly in vertical movement while prevents the disturbance of horizontal force, e.g. wind load.

Rated Capacity: 9 to 12007 kg
Rated Deflection: 25 to 62.5 mm


Type SLR:

Type SLR is restrained spring mounting with operating heights equal to installed height and interlocks for safety in wind loads.  The vertical limit stops and adjustment bolts control the height of the platform and help to prevent spring extension in case the weight is changed.  The connection hose can then be protected from damage.  Single to multiple spring mount configurations are available for different applications.

Rated Capacity: 9 to 17345 kg
Rated Deflection: 25 to 134.5 mm


Mason Vibration Isolation Hangers
The most sophisticated designed hangers which constructed by a steel cup, double deflection neoprene on the top, spring and neoprene gasket on the bottom.  The upper neoprene eliminates high frequency vibration while the lower neoprene prevents steel-to-steel noise.  The spring is used to reduce the transmission of vibration.  The rod can swing through an arc of 30 degrees from side to side in any direction before contacting the neoprene bushing.

Rated Capacity: 10 to 4899 kg
Rated Deflection: 25 to 147 mm

Mason Neoprene Mounts
All metal parts of N and ND neoprene mount are covered by oil resistant neoprene to prevent corrosion and to provide nonskid surface.  All mounts are double deflection and with a minimum static deflection of 9 mm.  It is prefect for preventing noise and high frequency vibration generated by equipment.  Cap screw and washer are supplied for easy installation.

Rated Capacity: 7 to 1950 kg
Mason Neoprene Pads
Neoprene pads pioneered the waffle design which offer higher capacities in a given rubber hardness.  The standard size is 450 x 450 mm with 81 modules (50 x 50 mm each).  Each square is separated by a thin web that is easily cut to provide evenly dimensioned pads and must be used in full square.  The pads can be used to reduce noise, high frequency vibration and impact from typical machines.
Type Super W:

The standard thickness and material is 20 mm and neoprene.  The alternative natural rubber and bridge-bearing neoprene can be offered.

Load Per Module: 35 to 158 kg


MASON Air Springs

Mason Vibration Isolation Air Spring Mounts

Air springs provide low frequency isolation with no metallic continuity and noise transmission.  Mountings are installed with leveling valves and a replenishing air supply.  The sphere is made of rubber with neoprene cover and liner with Nylon tire cord reinforcement.

Type MAS:

It consists of a rolling lobe and the air supply/ exhaust connection is of 6 mm N.P.T. type.

Operating Height: 209 mm
Min/ Max Load: 136/ 5455 kg


Type MT:

Type MT employs a twin sphere design with air supply/ exhaust connection the same as MAS.

Shipped & Installed Height: 190 mm
Min/ Max Load: 63/ 3852 kg



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