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       Successfully established since 1999, Mason Industries (Hong Kong) Limited is a vibration and noise control specialist serving the market of China, Hong Kong and Macau. Our head office is based in Hong Kong with branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, and sub-distributors in Beijing, Qingdao and Shenzhen to provide best services in Mainland China. To ensure our customers enjoy the best services in a more efficient and timely basis, we are expanding our distribution network in China.

       We are proud to supply our customer with a comprehensive range of highest quality vibration and noise control products for industrial, architectural and transportation application encompassing internationally famous manufacturers in the field: “MASON” from USA, “GETZNER” from Austria, “WILHAMS” from UK and Lewis from Netherlands, etc. Every piece of product is manufactured under close and strict monitoring process and thoroughly tested which supreme quality can be rest assured. Our products have been widely accepted and used in different projects to relieve existing and new customers from their technical problems. Our success relies on customer satisfaction and trust which can be reflected from the continuous projects appointed by architects and consultants to us. We become our customers’ reliable source.

       In terms of technical professionalism, we are backed by over hundred numbers of professional and highly experienced engineers and strong technical team in Hong Kong and around the world. We are ready to offer professional and top-notch technical consultation and installation service to our customers, our pledge of customer satisfaction is ensured. With our professionalism and scrupulosity, Mason has already awarded uncountable number of projects from government, utility and private developers with prominent performance and result in few years time which makes ourselves one of leading firms in field of vibration and noise control.

       In terms of professional analyzing equipment, we have fully computerized in all data analysis and modeling to secure the best prediction of final results on customerized basis. Different types of advanced analyzer are used to perform data analysis. Finite element analysis is adopted for accurate prediction of stress and strain inside structural elements for complex structural analysis and possible failure can be prevented in the first place. We strive to ensure our customer to have hassle-free solution.

       In order to meet our customers’ ever-evolving demand, we are moving forward to source for a variety of new vibration and noise control products from all over the World, and committed to strive for perfection that beyond your expectation.
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